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A Change Of Light — Bryars/ Hillier/ Lang

From the music/ visual art collaboration of the same name. Formed in 2001 by Audrey Riley, Andrew Zolinsky, James Woodrow and visual artist Philip Riley, with drummers Nick and Rob Allum.

Three of the works written for the project by composers Gavin Bryars, Steve Hillier and David Lang. Cover art by Philip Riley.


1 — Lauda (con sordino)
2 — Dryker Storr – Te Ett ††
3 — Dryker Storr: Vin Två
4 — Dryker Storr: Öl Tre
5 — Wed
6 — How To Pray

Lauda (con sordino)
Gavin Bryars, recorded by Asa Bennett at The Djanogly Recital Hall, Nottingham. Mixed by Asa Bennett at Livingston Studios.

†† Dryker Storr
Steve Hillier, recorded by Asa Bennett at Sonica Studios. Mixed by Steve Hillier.

David Lang, live performance.

How To Pray
David Lang, recorded by Asa Bennett at Livingstone Studios. Mixed by Damian le Gassick at Strongroom.

Cello — Audrey Riley
Piano — Andrew Zolinsky
Guitars — James Woodrow
Drums — Nick Allum
Drums — Rob Allum

Sleeve Notes

James Woodrow and Audrey Riley were performers and associates of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company between 2001 and it’s close in 2011, often performing Bi–ped, a work by the English composer Gavin Bryars (the very last repertory performance by the company, Paris, December 2011, ended with this work). It is music that is particularly close to their hearts. As a result Bryars was one of the first people they turned to for a new work for this group. 'Lauda (con sordino)' for cello, piano and electric guitar is the result. Composed by Bryars in 2002 and dedicated to Audrey Riley, it has all the beauty and intensity of Bi–ped, but compressed into a thirteen minute time span.

The New York composer David Lang has long been involved with Icebreaker as well as with the pianist Andrew Zolinsky, for whom he wrote the piano concerto Fur in 2005. Zolinsky has also performed many of Lang's solo piano works, including his set of memory pieces. This cd includes a live recording of Zolinsky performing one of those pieces Wed, written in 1992. Lang, whose work Cheating, Lying, Stealing for solo cello and ensemble has been performed many times by Icebreaker, was therefore a natural candidate to write for the project. How To Pray, written in 2002, is marked 'heavy, slow, and drugged'. It is for cello, piano electric guitar and two drummers.

Steve Hillier is the former keyboardist and main songwriter for the group Dubstar. Riley and Hillier's connection dates back to the string arrangements Hillier asked Riley to make for their 1995 album Disgraceful. Having always loved Hillier's harmonic world, this time Riley returned the compliment by asking Hillier to write for her instead. Hillier sent back Dryker Storr, a landscape of harmony and sounds, in three short movements. The work is described by Hillier as 'three reflective pieces linked by a love of Scandinavia and it's people'.

The cd cover, and sleeve have been designed by visual artist Philip Riley.

Recorded 2003, released 2010.

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