ARR 06
We Are Children (We Make Sound) — June 12

June 12 is a recording from one summer and an exploration of sound by a composers collective.


1 — Electric Counterpoint
2 — Circles ††
3 — Gaved †††
4 — Tubular Bells (extract)
5 — 15:15:15 ‡‡
6 — Gaved (Mentha & Murk Remix) ±
7 — Circles (Mentha Remix) ±±
8 — 15:15:15 (Mentha Remix) ±±

Electric Counterpoint (3rd movement), (Steve Reich) Published by Boosey & Hawkes.
Live guitar: Alastiar Beveridge, guitar 1: Gabriele Romeo, guitar 2: Charlotte Barrow guitar 3: Robert Mullally, guitar 4: Constantine Cheimarios, guitars 5,6,7: Victor Miqueles & Patrick White, basses 1 & 2: Jeremy Price & Dan Gaylard.

†† (Alastair Beveridge)
Guitars: Alastair Beveridge, Robert Mullally, Gabriele Romeo, Charlotte Barrow, Victor Miqueles.

††† (Dan Gaylard)
Piano: Dan Gaylard, Bass: Patrick White Percussion: Elías Gargallo, Guitars: Alastair Beveridge, Robert Mullally, Flute: Abi Murray Cello: Audrey Riley.

Tubular Bells (extract), (Mike Oldfield) Published by BMG/Chrysalis.
Keyboards: Alastair Beveridge, bass: Jeremy Price, guitars: Alastair Beveridge, Charlotte Barrow, Constantine Cheimarios, steel string guitar: Robert Mullally mandolin: Victor Miqueles, vocals: Jo Kelsey, Gyongyi Salla, flute: Abi Murray, cello: Audrey Riley, glockenspiel: Elías Gargallo.

‡‡ (Dan Gaylard)
Bass: Dan Gaylard, drums: Elías Gargallo, guitars: Alastair Beveridge, Robert Mullally, vocals: Gyongyi Salla, Jo Kelsey, flute & bamboo flute: Abi Murray, cello: Audrey Riley.

± Mentha & Murk remix (album version)
Remixed by G. Romeo & M. Accardi Vocals: Gyongyi Salla

±± Mentha remix
Remixed by G. Romeo

Recorded and mixed in Kilburn, Rutland and Marylebone by Asa Bennett. Produced by Audrey Riley and We Are Children (We Make Sound). Mastered by Craig Vear. Artwork by Jutojo.

We Are Children (We Make Sound) began life as The Institute All Stars, a mixed ensemble project consisting of students from the college in Kilburn. Rehearsing late at night in college downtime, with strange noises emanating from Room 201 after everyone else had left, it had only one intention: to explore music, regardless of which instruments turned up, or whatever style was suggested. But it contained one common thread, namely the nether land that exists between rock, experimental and contemporary music.

Guided by cellist and arranger Audrey Riley and led by bassist Dan Gaylard and guitarist Alastair Beveridge, the group has evolved into a collective of fourteen musicians and composers. The line–up is unusual and innovative: guitars, basses, mandolin, drums and percussion, flute, strings, keyboards and vocals with a dubstep element. More contemporary music ensemble than band, more rock than orchestra, they present minimal masterpieces, self–penned compositions and arrangements of well–known works. Defying any categorisation, they are beginning a journey of exploration and experimentation.

We Are Children (We Make Sound) are:

Audrey Riley — guiding and cello
Dan Gaylard — bass and leading
Alastair Beveridge — guitar, keyboard and leading
Niels Bax — guitar
Patrick White — guitar and bass
Charlotte Barrow — guitar
Robert Mullally — guitar
Gabriele Mentha Romeo — guitar and production of dubstep remixes
Victor Miqueles — guitar, mandolin
Constantine Cheimarios — guitar
Richard Bond — guitar and clarinet
Razvan Diaconu — guitar
Jeremy Price — bass
Elias Gargallo Aguilella — drum, glock, percussion
Abi Murray — flute and bamboo flute
Gyongyi Salla — singing
Jo Kelsey — singing
Richard Jones — violin
All — composing and arranging

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