ARR Cover design

The cover, designed by Toby Cornish of Jutojo, shows a detail from a late 19th century book on astronomy showing Lissajous figures used to visualise acoustic harmonies, originally created by drawing the path of a beam of light hitting a vibrating tuning fork.

The haptic qualities of these pre–digital images and rough print imperfections are greatly enlarged from the tiny original illustration (about 1 cm x 1 cm) to fill an LP format, to lend an air of mystery to something seemingly technical and scientific can still look so primitive.

Riley and Cornish share a fascination with the beauty and poetry in the science of visualising sound from over 100 years ago and the label provided the opportunity to use these little square images that seemed ideal both graphically and conceptually as a set of record covers.

Each release on the label takes a different harmonic shape from the 25 original figures in the illustration presenting it in a rich four colour black on the uncoated side of the standard record sleeve card, adding only a small catalogue number above the image to give a sense of seriality.

It was very important that the label had a strong visual identity without necessarily making individual covers for each release, and producing a set of sleeves people would notice and hopefully want to collect as a set of physical artefacts.

Toby Cornish has been part of the visual collective Jutojo since 1998 in Berlin, creating alongside print graphics, films, installations and projections for music based performances in Germany, UK and several international festivals and venues.

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