Audrey Riley – 'cellist, composer, arranger and conductor – has crossed over from traditional pop to experimental contemporary music across a three–decade career. She spent 10 years touring with New York's Merce Cunningham Dance Company and arranged music in the studio for some of the world's biggest artists (including Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and The Smiths). She regularly tours with Gavin Bryars, the English composer, performs new work by contemporary composers, and crafts her own projects.

4 Apr 2019
Leicester, UK, The Shed,
[Open Signal 4 performance]
21 Mar 2019
Dunkerque, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
14 Mar 2019
Arques, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
12 Mar 2019
Le Harve, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
1 Feb 2019
London, UK, 1901 Arts Club
[Tom Armstrong – CD launch. Diversions 3]
23 Jan 2019
La Roche sur Yon, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
19—21 Jan 2019
Nantes, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
10 Jan 2019
Laval, France
[Gavin Bryars, BIPED
+ John Cage Four3 (BeachBirds)
with CNDC Angers]
28 Dec 2018
Release on AR Records
Open Signal 4
Selected Discography
BirdyBeautiful Lies
2016, Cello/ Arranger
2015, Arranger/ Orchestrator/ Conductor: The Defector, Aftermath & The Globalist
Audrey Riley with James WoodrowGavin Bryars Tre Laude Dolce
2015, Cello/ Producer
MuseThe Resistance
2009, Orchestrator/ Conductor: United States Of Eurasia, I Belong To You & Exogensis Symphony
MuseBlack Holes & Revelations
2006, Arranger/ Orchestrator/ Conductor: Take A Bow, Hoodoo
Audrey Riley & A Change Of LightBryars/ Hillier/ Lang
Icebreaker ApolloGavin Bryars Tre Laude Dolce
2013, Cello/ Music Director
2003, Arranger/ Conductor/ Cello: Apocolypse Please, Blackout, Butterflies & Hurricanes
Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
2007, Arranger/ Conductor: Come Alive, Erase Replace, The Pretender, Home & statues
Dave MatthewsSome Devil
2003, Arranger/ Conductor: Gravedigger, Stay or Leave, An’ Another Thing, Baby, Too High & Gravedigger (acoustic)
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
1995, Arranger/ Conductor: Tonight Tonight
ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head
2002, Arranger/ Conductor/ Cello: In My Place, The Scientist, Daylight, Warning Sign
2005, Arranger/ Conductor/ Cello: What If, Fix You, Talk & Low
BirdyThe Fire Within
2016, Cello/ Arranger: I Aint No Angel
BirdyNot About Angels for the film The Fault In Our Stars
2014, Orchestrator
2011, Arranger/ Conductor: Terrible Love & Comforting Sounds
Cathal Coughlan and the Grand Necropolitan QuartetRancho Tetrahedron
2010, Cello
FeederComfort In Sound
2002, Arranger/ Conductor: Yesterday Went Too Soon, Just The Way I’m Feeling, Love Pollution & Find The Colour
FeederPushing The Senses
2005, Arranger/ Conductor: Pain On Pain
FeederSilent Cry
2008, Arranger/ Conductor: Who’s The Enemy, Silent Cry & Calling Out For Days
Jessie JSweet Talker
2014, Arranger/ Conductor: Fire
Brendan BensonMy Old Familiar Friend
2009, Arranger/ Conductor: Garbage Day & You Make A Fool Out Of Me
Ozark HenryThe Soft Machine
2006, Cello
2003, Conductor/ Orchestration assistance/ Cello: Statues, Bow X Blow & Over And Over
MolokoThe Time Is Now
2000, Orchestrator/ Cello
MolokoThings To Make And Do
2000, Arranger/ Cello
New OrderRepublic
1993, Cello: Ruined In A Day, Chemical & Spooky
Pieter Nooten / Michael BrookSleeps with the Fishes
1987, Cello
The Go–BetweensLiberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
1986, Arranger/ Cello: Wrong Road, Bow Down & In The Core Of The Flame
Test DepartmentBeating The Retreat & Gdansk
1984, Cello: Beating The Retreat,
Cello/ Arranger: Gdansk
The SmithsPretty Girls Make Graves, Troy Tate version
1983/7, Cello
Virginia Astley The End Of Time
1983, Cello

This is a selected discography of Audrey's work. To read the full discography with details of record company and producer please see the Session & arrangements discography and for non–rock, the Solo & chamber discography.