Jesus Blood at St Martins-in-the-fields

An honour to have taken part in this beautiful but sobering event, a memorial to all the people who have died homeless in London this year.

7th jan 19
Premiere of new work for solo cello
by Emanuel Pimenta

11th November at Batalha Monastary, Portugal. Emanuel conceived of a whole evening’s performance to act as prayer for the end of war, Metanoia. The solo cello piece introduced the evening, performing in the main cathedral space with its beautiful acoustic, before the audience were led into the cloister to become immersed in Emanuel’s film and processed sound. Finally, soprano Letitia Grimaldi ended the ‘prayer’ before we and all the audience went to eat together.

7th jan 19
Six arrangements for Ben Wylan

Produced by Danton Supple, and recorded at State of the Ark

7th jan 19
Freya Riding

A lovely end to the year making an arrangement for my quartet to record on a new track by Freya. Great to see Church Studios again too!

7th jan 19
2019 is the Merce Cunningham

Hundreds of dance events and performances have been planned throughout the year. So delighted that I will be contributing, performing John Cage Four3 and Gavin Bryars for BIPED and BeachBirds with CNDC Angers. Performances planned throughout the year!

7th jan 19

Performances of Gavin Bryars BIPED with Robert Swinston and CNDC Angers continue throughout 2019. Looking forward to joining them for performances in Lavel, Nantes, La Roche, Le Harve and Dunquerqe to begin in January.

7th jan 19
Tom Armstrong CD release

On Resonus, Chamber Music By Tom Armstrong. A recording of Diversions 3 was made at Surrey University’s Tonmeister studio by Audrey Riley (cello) and James Woodrow (guitar) for inclusion on this CD. A launch event and performance takes place at the 1901 Arts Club, London on 1 February 2019.

7th jan 19
28 December 2018

New release on AR Records. Open Signal 4. Originally created at the instigation of Stephan Moore for his work Quartets and the OpenSignal Festival at Brown University, USA. Each piece is a different outcome lasting seven minutes following one predetermined process. Written, recorded and performed by Audrey Riley (cello, piano, processing). On 10” vinyl with artwork by Toby Cornish, and mastered by Don C Tyler.

28th dec 18