Arranging Solutions


As a musical arranger, Audrey Riley works in a number of ways.

Sometimes the artist and producer have written string parts and need help orchestrating them. On other occasions, they may need more creative input in achieving their goals.

"When arranging, I take on board the artist or producer's vision," she says. "Sometimes a theoretical approach is required. Sometimes I listen to the lyrics and find a concept. It’s different every time. Each task, though, always begins the same way: a discussion with the artist and producer."

Audrey then prepares musical arrangements over an agreed time, providing demos with the use of samples/midi. Following a further meeting to listen and discuss these demos, Audrey can organise musicians for a recording. She can then lead or conduct the studio session.

In smaller projects – using the quartet, for example – the meeting can be conducted online rather than in person. As a solo 'cellist, she can improvise parts during a recording session.

Other arranging options include: online sessions; recording in Audrey's home studio space; and preparing arrangements in midi with sample libraries.